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Hollow tree symbolizes unity

which this system of universality in diversity is the spirit governing the construction and conduct of international law

Gavel is a symbol of judgment and verdict

a cold blooded way of law resolving disputes

Balancing scales symbolizes justice and fairness

which St. Thomas Aquinas notes as an imperative element of law

The United Nations logo

The United Nations logo as taken from Indonesia’s Pancasila


Felicia Komala
President, CIMC UGM 2019

Ever since its establishment, CIMC has flourished into a tight-knit community with one purpose in mind: mooting. In doing so, it entails not only the commitment and dedication of its members but also striking a balance to enjoy the entire moot process as something that is irreplaceable. Thereby, I am incredibly honored to have been entrusted to lead CIMC for the next year. This courageous responsibility demands the maintaining of the level of excellence that CIMC has continually served while simultaneously surpassing the expectations of CIMC. I surely hope that a refined era filled with hard work and tenacity will be reflected through the achievements and awards of each Federates. Moreover, initiating a foundation for CIMC as an existing community in the Faculty of Law of Universitas Gadjah Mada requires us to branch out to external parties, especially maintaining a good relationship with our alumni. As such, it will clearly be one of our main focus this year.


With that, I hope you will be as proud of our achievements and continual growth as much as we enjoyed bringing them home.

Best Regards,

Felicia Komala


A Guideline to International Mooting Competition

A short insight into the world of international mooting presented through the lens of our beloved alumni. This book provides a complete guide to help its readers understand the basic elements in mooting.  



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