Symbols inside the coat of arms


1. Balancing scales symbolizes justice and fairness, which St. Thomas Aquinas notes as an imperative element of law

2. Gavel is a symbol of judgment and verdict, a cold blooded way of law resolving disputes

3. Hollow tree symbolizes unity, as taken from Indonesia’s Pancasila.

4. The United Nations logo is represents how the world is unified in a system, which this system of universality in diversity is the spirit governing the construction and conduct of international law –our material scope.

5. The logo of UGM is the center of our Coat of Arms. This symbolizes how we may learn and compete for our individual benefits, be it ideal or pragmatic goals. But  the patron of our efforts, the banner we fight for in every competition, the pride goes to our beloved Faculty of Law at Gadjah Mada University.




“Justice for the man, Al’ Adalah Fil ‘Ard, Iustitiam Iustitiae”

Contains the meaning of “Justice for the man, justice for the world, justice for all”, a proverb which our community upholds. The way these words are surrounding the main coat of arms symbolizes how justice should surround each and every one of our actions, where we find a shield as an anti-thesis of a sword –which is what we see justice acts as.

This proverb is constructed from languages of three largest schools of the world’s law: English for common law, Arabic for sharia, and Latin for civil law.




Black      : Associated with authority, seriousness, nobility, and experience

Red        : Associated with loyalty, courage, honor, and success

White     : The color of wisdom