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International Criminal Court (ICC) Moot Court Competition, as the name suggests, is an annual competition held in the Hague, Netherlands, where participants experience the proceedings in International Criminal Court which deals with International Criminal Law. Universities from all around the globe will compete in this event. In such competition, participants shall have the opportunity to become The Prosecutor, The Government Counsel, The Defense Counsel, or The Victim Counsel. The scope of ICC Moot Court Competition is regarding crimes under the jurisdiction of the ICC which are "the most heinous crimes" i.e Crimes against Humanity, War Crime, Genocide, and Aggression. In conducting the moot court competition, the participants will be adjudicated by internationally recognized scholars and even by the members of the ICC itself such as The Judges and The Prosecutors of the ICC! By joining this moot court competition, participants will discover the excitement and importance of seeking justice through due process of law. For more information, visit

Open Recruitment: August

Competition: Memo Submission (March) & Oral Pleadings (June)

Contact Persons:

Queeney F. E. Sutanto (2020) / +62 813-1717-8080

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