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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2020)

Benefit and Challenges of Adopting the Hague System into Indonesia's Industrial Design Registration System

Vivin Purnamawati

In China's Three Line of Defence: Addresing the Coronavirus Claims Against China Under International Law

Balqis N. Fauziah and Stephanie Kristina S.

Legal Analysis on the Legal Reasoning of the Philippines in the South China Sea Arbitration

Rahmah Candrika Ramadhaniati

Not All Roads Leads to Rome: Questioning the Environmental Protection Under Rome Statute

Bernhard Ruben Fritz Sumigar

Unmanned Aircraft System: Third Party Liability and Insurance Protection in Indonesia and the European Union

Aldhanti Bodhihanna and Yeselia Salim

The Principle of Reciprocity in Human Rights Limitations: A Perspective on Indonesia's Response to Covid-19

Michael Amos Djohan

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