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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2019)

Editorial: The Revival of Indigenous Identity in Indonesia 

Balqis Fauziah, Rae Chalista

The Exclusion of  Ne Bis In Idem at The International Criminal Court: An Unbalanced Concept of Justice

I Gusti Agung Indiana Rai, Sabrina Nugrahani Salsabila

A Critical Look at The Mechanism for Challenge of Arbitrators Under ICSID Convention and Arbitration Rules 

Ivan Gautama

The Rights of The Wicked: The Hurdles of Protecting Witchcraft Accusation & Persecution Victims Within South Africa's Legal System 

Aicha Grade Rebecca

Lien on Sub-Freight for Unpaid Freight: The Perspective of Singapore Law and Its Applicability in Indonesia

Johanna Devi

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