Kukuh Herlangga
Editor in Chief of Juris Gentium Law Review

Juris Gentium Law Review is a cutting edge Indonesian legal journal most renowned for being produced and edited entirely by students at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Established under the UGM Community of International Moot Court, we are devoted to provide a platform for likeminded law students in Indonesia to feature their articles in the areas of both public and private international law as well as comparative law.


JGLR publishes student-written pieces twice every year with the main goal of precisely addressing specific substantive issues that are recent within the areas of law. To ensure the quality of our publications, we operate with the double-blind peer review system where neither the Authors nor the Executive Reviewers would know the identity of one another in examining the manuscripts that we receive and transmit. Our Board of Editors is responsible to assign the Executive Reviewers for each article by considering their expertise and experience in a given topic or field.


I would like to thank all of our authors, readers and reviewers for continuously supporting our work. It is our main aspiration that JGLR significantly contributes to Indonesia’s legal scholarship through sharpening the practical skills and enhancing the critical thinking capabilities of law students everywhere. It is my honor as the current Chief Editor to welcome your participation in this mission.

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Juris Gentium Law Review publishes 2 editions annually. The theme varies every volume and the submissions are open usually in the months of July and December. For more information please contact us by emailing



Submission for Publication


Juris Gentium Law Review publishes 2 editions annually. The theme varies every volume Submissions are open usually in the months of July and December.

For more information please contact us by emailing


Submission Eligibility:


  1. Any current undergraduate (S1/Bachelor’s) or graduate (S2/Master’s) from any university.

  2. An article may be authored by a maximum of 2 persons.


Manuscript Format:


  • Title: 15 words max

  • Abstract: 100-200 words

  • Article: 3500-5000 words (include footnotes; excl. titles, abstract, bibliography, inside notes, and “about the author”)


Manuscript Structure:


Introduction, Body (as per topic), Conclusion, Bibliography, a short paragraph on the author (Full Name, Entrance Year, University, Faculty, Major, Special Concentration (if any)


Scope of Subject:












Additional Information:


  • Articles must be written in proper English or Bahasa Indonesia (the Editorial Board is willing to translate to a certain extent)

  • Articles use inside notes for citations (APA referencing system)

  • Footnotes are allowed for non-references purposes

  • Subject to double-blind peer review and selection

  • Editorial Board may at our discretion request authors to revise their articles prior publication



Send the manuscript to:


Contact Person:

Kukuh D. H. (081312286281) or email to

Public International Law

Comparative Law

Private International Law


Chief Editor

Kukuh Dwi Herlangga

Kukuh Dwi Herlangga - Editor in Chief (2
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