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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2015)

The Challenges of U.N Security Council in the Enforcement of State Cooperation at the ICC 

Kay Jessica, Devita Kartika Putri

Charlie Hebdo Case Study: Public Order as Limit to Freedom of Expression 

Devita Kartika Putri, Agam Subarkah

Helping Refugees Should Not be Illegal: Correlation Between Human Trafficking/Smuggling and Asylum Seekers

Thara Kunarti Wahab

Human Rights Due Diligence by Multinational Corporations: Should it Become Legal Requirement or Remain as Good Corporate Social Responsibility? 

Matilda Stickles 

The Legitimacy of U.S-LED Intervention Against ISIL 

Dio Herdiawan Tobing

The Plight of "Environmental Refugees" 

Yustia Rahma Priyantari

Questioning Indonesia's Ban on Export of Ore Policy Under International Investment and Trade Law 

Erwin Prasetyo

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