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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2016)

An Analysis On the Subject of Bilateral Investment Treaties Termination 

Refrah Gagrag Anyar

Celestial Anarchy: States' Right to Self-Defense in Outer Space 

Dio H. Tobing, Olivia N. Maryatmo

Deciphering the Dystrophic Riddle of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement's ISDS: Is It Really Worth Joining, Indonesia?

Naila Sjarif, Rizki Karim

Harmonization of International Sales Law: CISG as Supplement to Indonesian Contract Law 

Bunga Dita Rahma Cesaria

The Legality of 'Disgorgement of Profits' in Case of A Breach Under CISG 

Olivia N. Maryatmo, Ardhitia P. Rusyadi

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