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Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, also known as Jessup, are on of the oldest and largest moot court competition, and often honored as the most prestigious moot court competition by large numbers of academics and practitioners. Philip C. Jessup offers simulation of a fictional dispute between States before the International Court of Justice. Although the Jessup moot mainly discuss issues in the realm of public international law, it has, several times, also discussed elements that exist in other moot courts, which included cyber securities, issues on Foreign Direct Investments, territorial disputes, civil wars, war crimes, and even private international transactions. Philip C. Jessup moot is valued as the most prestigious moot due to its complexity and challenges presented in its moot problem, but such complexity offers the scholars and academics of law a valuable both in-depth and relevant understanding on matters of international law, especially when the dispute discussed in the Jessup are often times mirroring issues presently contentious and ongoing.

Open Recruitment: September

Competition: Memo Submission (January), Oral Pleadings (February/March)

Contact Person:

Vincent Barukh Ethan (2022) / +62 817 200309


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