Vol. 1 No. 1 (2012)

A Comparative Study of Shipworthiness  between Australia and Indonesia

Ardianto Budi Rahmawan

A Study on Financial Deregulation and Sustainable Economy: How The Hand Should Remain Visible

Aditya Rakhman

Amnesty for Jus Cogens Crimes: International Recognition (South Africa Case)

Fajri Matahati Muhammadin, Aulia Ridzha Kushardini

Is the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015 Worth Having?

Sinta Agtrianasari

Legal Framework of International Assistance in Disaster Response: Implementation and Effectiveness

Daisy Karisma Qisthi

Piercing the Corporate Veil: A Comparative Study of the Doctrine under American and Indonesian Laws

Astrid Emmeline Kohar

Presidential Immunity and The International Criminal Court's 'Exception' - A Critique

Dibyojyoti Mainak

The Conflict between Drug Parenting and Access to Affordable Medication

Vulkania Neisya Almandine

The Refugees of Syria: Between Politics and Violation of Human Rights

Gading Gumilang Putra, Yulida Nuraini Santoso

The WTO Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Indonesia's Traditional Knowledge Bill

Rizky Wirastomo


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