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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2017)

Decree on Demarcated Areas Along Egyptian Borders: Egypt's Miscarriage of Its International Human Rights Duties

Gisella A. Samudiono

Stateless: International Law Perspective 

Kaysha Ainayya Sasdiyarto

"Let Them Drown": State's Obligation of Non-Refoulement Vis-A-Vis The Entry of Refugees Through Waterways

Mohammad Ibnu Farabi, Rininta Ayunina

Sink That Vessel!: Reflecting Indonesia Sinking Vessel Policy In Light of UNCLOS

Kaizar Nararya, Emilio Bintang Risanda

Designing The Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ASL): The "Epilogue" of the Legal Development of Indonesia's Maritime Regime

Gilang Al Ghifari Lukman

Document Production and Disclosure in Investor-State Arbitration

Dioputra Ilham Oepangat, Janet

Subjective and Objective Approaches to Contractual Interpretation in Civil Law and Common Law Countries: Indonesia and Canada

Rachmi Dzikrina

Bitcoin: A Comparative Study of Cryptocurrency Legality in America and Indonesia 

Jonathan Hendson Passagi

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